Welcome to Best Fitness Kickboxing

Why Kickboxing?

Many of us have been members of health clubs for a long time, doing the same workouts and using the same machines over and over again. With time, our bodies become very efficient when they perform the same tasks repetitively. We get bored, which robs us of our motivation. In addition to becoming boring, these repetitive workouts can lead to muscle imbalance or even injury.

After joining one of our programs, our clients experience a new level of cardio fitness.  Along with their improved cardio fitness, they are able to tone their muscles and lose fat in a much more dynamic way than they were able to achieve at their gym.  Of course, this further motivates our clients, enabling them to achieve great results.

Why Best Fitness Kickboxing?

At Best Fitness Kickboxing in Bellmore we have developed a full-body fitness kickboxing conditioning program.  We combine many techniques from different martial arts, athletic training and personal fitness training to offer our clients a unique fitness program, whether they are beginners or trained athletes.  Our philosophy is to build a strong fitness foundation.  That’s why we incorporate cardio, strength, balance and flexibility into every individual training session or group class. The result?  You will see and feel the benefits of our full-body fitness program.  Our coaches will work with you as you advance in our program to ensure you are still receiving the maximum benefits.  We have a fitness program that’s right for you.

Our fitness programs are not repetitive–they are challenging! Try our 10-week fitness kickboxing challenge or sign up for one of our personal training programs today!  Visit our Kickboxing/Martial Arts studio right here in Bellmore on Nassau County’s South Shore or call 516.804.3232 today and sign up for a class.